… or should I call myself a ‘dipper’, because that’s what I do: dipping in and out of #ocTEL 2014, without contributing much. That’s rather selfish. Something I normally try NOT to be.

Today I found an excellent summary of the ocTEL group ‘Enthusing staff with TEL‘. This summary structures the numerous contributions (with attribution to the originators), and it also reflects on them. Thus it becomes an  invaluable resource for people like me, who feel easily overwhelmed by lively online discussion groups, where lots of “thought waves” from people interested and engaged in subject areas relevant for my professional life “wash” over me to an extend that it sometimes almost feels like “drowning”. Here’s the link to this fantastic summary, which can be used a bit like a mini resource bank for the future, when I hopefully will have the odd moment to explore some topics further (Resistance to change, Building relationships, Peer influence, Strategies for sharing, Communication channels):


Now I’m off to a session about the development of MOOCs / OOCs, wondering if this session will be attended by ‘the usual suspects’, or if there will be a few new faces …?