There’s this motto ‘keep trying’ … And time and again, I do try another MOOC, because being curious is my second nature.

I was intrigued when FutureLearn started, and I enrolled in Web science: how the web is changing the world. I even started blogging about it in my Tumblr blog, see for example web science – slightly scary prospects. But I didn’t manage to follow it through, despite liking the general design of FutureLearn courses! It’s a bit linear, but each unit offers engaging material. Now I’m on another FutureLearn course, and again I’m ways behind with my studies. Why does this always happen to me with MOOCs?

  • Do I have too much to do and can’t fit it in?
  • Is it because it’s voluntary and there’s no exam and a certificate at the end?
  • Am not interested enough?
  • Try to do too many new things at any one time, giving in to my curiosity?

Perhaps I should give up experimenting, and finally try to find a research focus? But maybe experimenting is simply ‘what I do’, and it’s a way of researching in itself.