ocTEL – I’ve been trying to follow this new MOOC type experience since Thursday 4 April 2013 – day 1. Not very successfully. There’s something about MOOCs which does not seem to agree with me and the way I learn. The biggest problem is: finding a focus. Many interesting posts/people/topics. As a learning technologist I am curious about (almost) everything related to TEL. I was supposed to formulate ‘a big question’. I don’t have one big question. Every single question seems as big as all the others, depending on the context.

Does this mean that my big question is: How does a learning technologist find his/her very own focus within TEL? Officially I can’t even call myself a ‘learning technologist’ any longer. The most recent re-structuring magically turned me into a DMeLD (digital media and elearning developer). In this context I already contemplated the focus question from a different perspective in another blog, see ‘What’s in a DMeLD‘.

I did set up this blog when recently trying another MOOC, and all I ever managed to note down were my pathetic Monday discoveries.

I’ll keep trying …  taking things lightly …